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I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee and moved to Louisville, Kentucky at an early age. My passion for music began with drumming and singing in church and at family gatherings. I showcased my musical abilities by performing in talent shows. As a result of my performances, crowds appealed to my music, which pushed me to gravitate into pioneering a small band. In this band, I was a vocalist and played multiple instruments as well as composed many original pieces.

Sir Ran Recording Studio & Production-Management Company was founded in 1984. Starting this company from the ground up, I began producing and writing for local musical artists in the Louisville, Kentucky area. I scouted and showcased the talent of numerous artists; desiring to catapult their amazing talent to stardom.

This musical process then gravitated toward record companies seeking new talent. The new talent discovered, networked with these new opportunities gave myself as well as my crew of Sir Ran artists exposure to the various facets of the music industry, I’ve also worked with Magnedo 7 a major Grammy winning award producer & Big Von of We got hits production out of Atlanta Ga and many others.

Sir Ran Recording Studio & Productions is one of the hottest music production companies in the Louisville, KY area. We recently  My engineering ability, producing, composing and vocal skills compare to many other great artists, which qualifies me to undertake projects of a significant magnitude,

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